Major League Cricket (MLC) 2023 Points Table

The Major League Cricket 2023 (also know as MLC T20 2023 Points Table, MLC 2023 Team Standings & Rankings ) The Major League Cricket 2023 (MLC T20 2023) has arrived as the inaugural edition of this Twenty20 franchise League in the United States. Organized by American Cricket Enterprises (ACE) and sanctioned by USA Cricket, the tournament commenced on July 13, 2023, and will continue until July 30, 2023.

Major League Cricket 2023 Points Table | MLC 2023 Points Table, Standings, Rankings,

1Seattle Orcas5410080.725LWWLW
2Texas Super Kings5320060.57LLWLW
3Washington Freedom5320060.097LLWWW
4MI New York5230041.004WWWLW
5San Francisco Unicorns523004-0.303LLWLW
6Los Angeles Knight Riders514002-2.028WLLLL

The Major League Cricket (MLC) 2023 Points Table reflects the current standings and rankings of the participating teams. The Seattle Orcas currently lead with five wins out of five matches, amassing 10 points and maintaining a solid net run rate of +0.725. Following closely, the Texas Super Kings have secured three victories out of five matches, accumulating 6 points with a net run rate of +0.57. The Washington Freedom and MI New York both have also garnered 6 points from five matches, with differing net run rates. Meanwhile, the San Francisco Unicorns and Los Angeles Knight Riders face a more challenging position with 4 and 2 points respectively. The tournament’s ongoing dynamics are evident in the teams’ recent forms and net run rates, showcasing a competitive landscape in the MLC 2023.