Cricket World Cup 2023: Prize Money

The Cricket World Cup 2023 was a resounding success, with Australia emerging victorious and claiming their record-breaking sixth World Cup title. The tournament was a thrilling spectacle, filled with passion, excitement, and exceptional individual performances.

In addition to the on-field drama, the Cricket World Cup 2023 also saw a significant distribution of prize money among the participating teams. The total prize pool for the tournament was $10 million, with the winners, Australia, receiving a substantial $4 million. India, as the runners-up, were awarded $2 million, while the semi-finalists, New Zealand and South Africa, each received $800,000. The remaining six teams – Pakistan, Afghanistan, England, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and the Netherlands – each received $100,000.

Cricket World Cup 2023: Prize Money

The prize money distribution reflected the ICC’s commitment to fair play and rewarding all teams for their contributions to the tournament. It also served as a testament to the global reach of cricket and its ability to bring people together from all corners of the world.

Cricket World Cup 2023: Prize Money

TeamPrice Money
New Zealand$800,000
South Africa$800,000
Sri Lanka$100,000

Crickgo People also Ask :

How much prize money did Australia receive for winning CWC23?

Australia, as the champions of CWC23, received $4 million.

How much prize money did India receive for reaching the final of CWC23?

India, as the runners-up in CWC23, received $2 million.

How was the prize money distributed among the participating teams?

The prize money distribution was as follows:
Champions: $4 million
Runners-up: $2 million
Semi-finalists: $800,000 each
Remaining teams: $100,000 each

What was the total prize money for the Cricket World Cup 2023 (CWC23)?

The total prize money for CWC23 was $10 million.

Which team received the highest prize money?

Australia, as the champions, received the highest prize money of $4 million.