Tamil Nadu Premier League

The Tamil Nadu Premier League has proved that anything can happen in cricket. As many as 18 runs have been scored on the last ball. This ball is currently being discussed everywhere. Cricket has seen 36 runs scored in an over… Rinku has also seen five sixes when 29 runs are needed for victory.. Even when six runs are needed in one ball….
But this will probably be the first time that 18 runs have been conceded in one ball. This happened in the Tamil Nadu Premier League tournament.. As many as 18 runs were given on the last ball… It is also being discussed that it is the most expensive ball in the history of T20 cricket

Tamil Nadu Premier League

The match between Salem Spartans and Chepauk Super Gillies in the Tamil Nadu Premier League cost 18 runs off a single ball. The name of the bowler who gives 18 runs in one ball is Abhishek Tanwar. Sanjay Yadav was batting… Abhishek Tanwar celebrated Sanjay Yadav’s triple on the last ball of the 20th over…Abhishek Tanwar celebrated Sanjay Yadav on the last ball of the 20th over…but it turned out to be a no ball. Then got a free hit. Sanjay Yadav hits a six on that ball. Surprisingly, the free heat bowled by Abhishek Tanwar was also a no ball. Abhishek Tanwar bowled three consecutive no balls and bowled a wide. Three runs off three no balls and an extra four runs…Apart from that, a six was hit in the first free heat and two runs in the second free heat.. Also a six was hit in the last free heat.. Sanjay Yadav hit 18 runs on this ball.. Currently this over is being heavily discussed. Abhishek Tawanr spent 18 runs off the last ball… he gave away 26 runs in the entire over.

Abhishek Tanwar’s Costly Mistake: The Infamous 18-Run Ball that Haunts Indian T20 History

Abhishek Tanwar, the bowler who spent 18 runs off the last ball, is the captain of the Salem Spartans team. An embarrassing record was recorded for Abhishek Tanwar. Abhishek holds the record for most runs in one ball by India. Clint McCoy holds this record in world cricket. Clint McCoy spent 20 runs a ball in 2012-13.

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