Major League CricketMajor League Cricket

The world of cricket is set to witness a historic moment as the inaugural edition of Major League Cricket (MLC) takes place in the United States. The tournament, featuring some of the top cricketing talents from around the world, will be played across two venues – Dallas in Texas and Morrisville in North Carolina. With a total of six teams participating, including four IPL franchise owners, MLC promises to bring the excitement of cricket to American soil like never before.

Major League Cricket

A New Chapter for Cricket in America:

Major League Cricket 2023 represents a significant milestone in the development of cricket in the United States. With the sport’s growing popularity and the inclusion of IPL franchise owners, MLC has the potential to capture the imagination of the American public and create a lasting legacy for the game.

As cricket continues to expand its global footprint, the inaugural edition of Major League Cricket brings together the best of both worlds. It combines the passion and expertise of IPL franchises with the enthusiasm and potential of American cricket. This convergence of cultures and cricketing prowess sets the stage for a memorable tournament that will shape the future of cricket in America.

IPL Franchise Owners’ Participation:

The inaugural edition of Major League Cricket (MLC) is set to make waves in the cricketing world, with the involvement of IPL franchise owners adding an exciting dimension to the tournament. The collaboration between these established cricketing powerhouses and the budding MLC promises to elevate the league’s profile and attract global attention. Fans of popular IPL teams such as Kolkata Knight Riders, Chennai Super Kings, Mumbai Indians, and Delhi Capitals are eagerly anticipating the new challenges and potential rivalries their favorite teams will encounter on American soil.

Teams participating in Major League Cricket

Chennai Super Kings (Texas Super Kings)

Mumbai Indians (MI New York)

Kolkata Knight Riders (Los Angeles Knight Riders)

Delhi Capitals (Seattle Orcas)

Washington Freedom

San Francisco Unicorns

Major League Cricket (MLC) 2023 Schedule / Fixtures and Match Time Table