According to official records, Pakistan’s cricket sensation Shahid Afridi holds the title for the longest six in the sport’s history, with an impressive 153 meters sixer against South Africa in 2013. However, there is an intriguing tale from the past that remains unrecorded in cricket’s statistical annals. In a Test match at Lord’s in 1899, the legendary Albert Trott unleashed a colossal six against Australia’s Monty Noble, propelling the ball on a jaw-dropping journey of approximately 120-125 meters. Regrettably, during that era, cricket statistics were not meticulously maintained, leaving this remarkable feat lost to the winds of time. Nevertheless, the tale of Albert Trott’s unrecorded monstrous six continues to captivate the imaginations of cricket enthusiasts worldwide.

Record-Breaking Longest six in cricket history: 10 biggest sixes in international cricket

RankPlayer Name Distance Against teamYears
1 Shahid Afridi (Pakistan) 153 metersSouth Africa 2013
 2 Brett Lee (Australia) 130 metersEngland 2005
 3 Martin Guptill (New Zealand) 127 metersSouth Africa 2012
 4 Liam Livingstone (England) 122 meters  Pakistan 2021
 5Corey Anderson (New Zealand) 122 meters India 2014
 6Mark Waugh (Australia) 120 meters New Zealand 1997
 7 Yuvraj Singh (India) 119 meters Australia 2007
 8 MS Dhoni (India)  118 meters  New Zealand 2009
 9Shahid Afridi (Pakistan) 118 meters) Australia 2005
 10Chris Gayle (West Indies) 116 meters India 2010

Shahid Afridi | 153m six vs South Africa, 2013:

In Johannesburg, Shahid Afridi created cricket history by hitting the longest recorded six in international cricket. He smashed Ryan McLaren’s delivery a staggering 153 meters out of the Wanderers Stadium, leaving spectators in awe. This incredible feat remains unparalleled in the world of cricket.

Brett Lee | 130m six vs West Indies, 2005:

During a Test match at the Gabba, Brett Lee surprised everyone with his power-hitting abilities. He struck a monstrous six off Darren Powell’s delivery, propelling the ball an impressive 130 meters, making it the biggest six at the Gabba and in Test cricket.

Martin Guptill | 127m six vs South Africa, 2012:

New Zealand’s Martin Guptill, known for his power hitting, delivered a memorable blow during a T20I against South Africa. He launched Lonwabo Tsotsobe’s ball high over mid-wicket, with the ball hitting the stadium roof before returning to the ground. This remains the longest recorded six in T20 internationals.

Liam Livingstone | 122m six vs Pakistan, 2021:

England’s explosive batsman Liam Livingstone displayed his immense power during a T20I against Pakistan. He mercilessly hammered Haris Rauf for a colossal 122-meter six at Headingley, with the ball reportedly landing on the Rugby pitch behind the newly built Emerald Stand.

Corey Anderson | 122m vs India, 2014:

Corey Anderson’s incredible form in 2014 saw him hit one of the biggest sixes in cricket history during an ODI against India. He smashed Mohammed Shami’s delivery outside the Napier Cricket Ground, propelling the ball an astonishing distance.

Mark Waugh | 120m vs New Zealand, 1997:

During Australia’s series against New Zealand in 1997, Mark Waugh showcased his power-hitting prowess by taking on Daniel Vettori. He walked down the track and smashed the ball 120 meters at the WACA, leaving the opposition in awe.

Yuvraj Singh | 119m vs Australia, 2007:

Yuvraj Singh’s incredible talent was on full display during the ICC T20 World Cup 2007. His flick off Brett Lee’s delivery sailed 119 meters over square leg, becoming the biggest six hit by an Indian batsman in T20 internationals.

MS Dhoni | 118m six vs New Zealand, 2009:

Known for his finishing abilities, MS Dhoni proved his power-hitting prowess during an ODI against New Zealand. His short-arm jab sent the ball soaring 118 meters over the boundary, leaving spectators astonished.

Chris Gayle | 116m six vs India, 2010:

Legendary West Indian cricketer Chris Gayle, known for his ability to hit colossal sixes, smacked a 116-meter monster against India during the ICC T20 World Cup. His shot over long-on at the Kensington Oval left everyone in awe.

Ijaz Ahmed | 115m six vs India, 1999:

In an unexpected show of power-hitting, Ijaz Ahmed produced a massive blow during a game at Mohali. He sent Virender Sehwag’s delivery an astounding 115 meters, crossing one of India’s biggest grounds and helping Pakistan secure a memorable win in the Pepsi Cup.

Crickgo People also ask :

What is the longest six ever hit in international cricket?

The longest six in international cricket history was struck by Shahid Afridi, the former Pakistani all-rounder. He unleashed a colossal six that travelled an incredible distance of 153 meters during a match against South Africa in 2013.

Which format of cricket has witnessed the most number of longest sixes?

The T20 format of cricket has witnessed a significant number of longest sixes due to the aggressive nature of the game and the emphasis on power-hitting.

How many sixes of 120 meters or more have been recorded in international cricket?

As of the latest records available, there have been a limited number of sixes recorded that have traveled 120 meters or more in international cricket, with Shahid Afridi’s 153-meter six being the longest.

Who are the other cricketers in the top five list of longest sixes in cricket history?

Apart from Shahid Afridi and Brett Lee, the top five list of longest sixes in cricket history includes Martin Guptill (127 meters), Corey Anderson (122 meters), and Liam Livingstone (122 meters).

Has anyone hit a longer six than Shahid Afridi’s 153-meter in domestic cricket?

As of the latest available records, there have been no reports of any cricketer hitting a six longer than Shahid Afridi’s 153-meter six in any domestic cricket matches.